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Singing to the Elements

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Birthdate:Jan 5
Location:Reno, Nevada, United States of America
elfen [-nau, f.] (Welsh)
(n.) element, ingredient, principle (element)
Elfen is the element you find in the periodic table or is an ingredient.

The problem with trying to define me is that my perception of *me* changes too often and is, at times, inconsistent with the conception/perception others have of *me*. There are few things about me that stay constant and do define the *me* of me. I am a terrible liar which usually leads me to being honest even when it would be more tactful to fib. I value loyalty immensely. I value my friends, even though I think I could be a better friend to them. I am Light. Not Dark. It has always been that way with me. Not that I can't appreciate people's darksides, but I simply am not and never have been a creature of the Dark. I am fire, even though I seem only dying embers at times. I have a soulmate, whom I love and adore. We have a beautiful son together. I am endlessly fascinated by wings. Feathery, beautiful, angelic wings. There is also the ever-present distraction of lovely bishounen.

I've joined the ranks of the fan fiction writers and LJ is where I tend to keep most of my writing. If you're interested in that writing, you can find what I've done under my writing tag or under my memories

WARNING: My writing tends to be of a mature Yaoi/Boys Love/Gay Erotica nature. If such subject matter offends or you are underaged, you shouldn't pause at this journal and read.

I don't currently lock my writing and I hope not to have to change that in the immediate future. Friending wise, I do tend to friend back anyone who has friended me, although I do check to see if I have any idea why that person might have friended me. I'm curious like that. I do utilize (or will be in the future) filters and locks for my more personal posts. If I've friended you first is was most likely because we share common friends and I'm interested in getting to know more. Have any questions for me? Feel free to drop me email.

[personal profile] maclynn is now hosting my writing on her website: Mac's Maffick Madness

Not all of my writing is up on her site. Some works are being revised and others are WIP. Please check under my writing tag or under my memories for all of my posted writing.

Final Fantasy VII
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fushigi Yûgi
One Piece
Tokyo Babylon
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Weiß Kreuz
Weiß Side B
X 1999
Yami no Matsuei

SxS is 'Boku wa... Kimi wo...' Love

♥Reno is all sorts of love♥

Rude and Reno are love

Kadaj and Yazoo are beautiful mad love

AbyssinianxBalinese is Love

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